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WTC 2022 – Meet the Players

Australia has a long standing reputation in the global Warmachine community, as both top-tier gamers and top-tier sportsmen. Whilst widely regarded in the global scene, the Australian Warmachine community is both a friendly welcoming environment, and one of the most cut-throat, competitive, and intense scenes that I have personally experienced.

This is the first in a series of articles about Warmachine and Hordes, with a focus on the players who will be travelling to Belgium to compete in the 2022 World Team Championships. We will be exploring the game, meeting the players and learning about why they love it as much as they do.

Australia is sending three teams to the 2022 World Team Championships for Warmachine and Hordes. The Frilled Neck Lizards, The Swooping Magpies, and The Blue Ringed Octopuses, and all three of these teams are composed of the most accomplished and focused players that we can find down under. All three teams are in with a solid chance to take out the title, with every team boasting an impressive array of experience, intelligence, and sheer will, that will mean any other team will be nervous to face the Australians.

But who are these titans, these warrior gods of wargaming, these guys that all men want to be? Well, read below to get a glimpse into the 2022 WTC Australian Teams.

Aaron Wale (Captain)

The Frilled Neck Lizards is captained this year by Aaron Wale, aka “Waley”. Aaron made a splash in the Australian Meta when he appeared from nowhere and won the CanCon Master Event in 2014 playing Cryx.  Waley started playing Warmachine in 2011 starting with Trolls in the very beginning and moving to Cryx in 2012.  He has since championed Cryx as his only faction for the following 10 years.

Waley has attended the WTC in 4 previous occasions, and in 2018 he was part of the winning Australian Team. This year will mark Waley’s 5th appearance for Team Australia at the WTC.  In Aaron’s downtime he loves playing Gridiron and Board Games and other social events with his friends, always testing his strategic mindset. One of his strengths on the table playing Warmachine is his patient and meticulous approach. He at times can come across as an imposing figure, but those who know him know that deep down he is a giant teddy bear that loves hanging out and playing games.

David Potts (Captain)

The Swooping Magpies are captained by David, or “Pottsy” as he is more commonly known. Hailing from South-East Queensland, Pottsy has been a recurring figure in the local wargaming scene, but has been focused on Warmachine for the past several years. Known as a top-tier Skorne player, Pottsy’s deep understanding of his faction, and his long term commitment to them, means he brings an incredible depth of experience to the Swooping Magpies. Pottsy’s whole life is an amusing anecdote and has won enough things over the years to be considered consistent, but a has-been… His most notable recent achievement, achieving 1st place World Team Championships in 2018.

Josh Bates (Captain)

The Blue-Ringed Octopuses have been blessed with an actual titan as a captain. Josh Bates, or “Gigantor”, is known for both his stature and skill, having been heavily involved with the game since 2008, and impossible to miss at any event he is at. Known for his deep diving in a faction, he focused on Cygnar for a large portion of his time, but has recently developed a taste for something new. Well experienced in both local and international events, Josh has been to almost every WTC Australia has attended, with his only absence being due to significant physical injuries. But, he is back, rebuilt and better than ever, looking for those assassinations and he won’t be backing down without a fight.

James Moorhouse

James “Magic Moops” Moorhouse is back playing Warmachine at the WTC for Australia again. James Moorehouse is an internet sensation and an amazing lovable guy. James is considered to be one of the most successful Warmachine players from Australia with an amazing ability on the table.  He is well known for he daring assassination style play but also his ability to see into the matrix and in unlocking a rubix cube to pull off some amazing plays.  Everyone remembers the top of turn 1 Morvahna Feat in the 2014 WTC.

James has been to the WTC playing for Australia 2 previous occasions in 2014 and 2015.  We love having James back into the mix. James has a brilliant mind and is a wizard with numbers and probability, these are great skills when he is running the numbers on the best possible plays. Away from the game James is a social butterfly, enjoying his fitness and training, hanging out with mates and loved ones and enjoying life!

Robin de Oliveira

Robin is another Queenslander making the trip this year, and another first timer. Robin started playing in Mark II, but only really started focusing on his skills after Mark IlI was released. Despite having started with Khador, he has played almost every faction, and brings a wide range of experience to his team, and no-one really knows what he will bring to any particular event. Another wild card in an already stacked deck, Robin will be performing his control style gameplay at the top levels of the international stage.

Ian Fraser

Ian is another relative newcomer to the teams this year, but only in the sense that there are some true veterans there. Ian is well experienced with the game, having played since 2016, and having played in almost every state of Australia, he is a well known competitor. His off-meta list design is sure to throw a spanner or two at the other teams matchups, and his skill with supposed ‘trash’ is something to behold. Experienced players have been left wondering and doubting their experience after a game against him, and his aggressive scenario focused play.

Jack Ding

Jack”The Saviour” Ding is back again for the journey back to Belgium. 2017 was the last time Jack played at a WTC, after he was part of the winning Australian WTC team in 2016 that was held in Amsterdam.  Jack’s laser focus and his immunity to emotion when playing enables him to systematically apply his trade very well, cutting down all that are presented in front of him.  He has been the solid pillar so many times and it’s an honour to have on the team.  Outside of Warmachine Jack enjoys a game of poker and loves a decent restaurant and beer. We are very lucky to have him back with us. 

Daniel Tacken

Dan “Nads” Tacken is attending the WTC for the first time! A well known player in both his local scene, and the wider Australian scene, Nads brings his relentless optimism to the game, especially if he is playing his beloved Trolls.He started playing Warmachine at start of Mark lll, buying the 2 player box set and a cheap bunch of trolls and fell in love, having mained Trolls since the start, through the bad times and the good. He favours a good brick list, leading with Doomshaper3 for the start of MK3 and immediately picking up and abusing Madrak 1 when the update hit for the stoic OG chieftain, as well as mainlining Kolgrimma since her inception.

When he is not playing Warmachine, he is upgrading his perpetually “not accurate enough” 3d printer and completing his PhD studies in electrical engineering. Dan also had the illustrious honour of designing the team shirts this year, so you can thank him for how good the fellas look when the Aussies hoist the trophy. 

Aleks Glavas

“Touchdown” to his friends, Aleks hails from South Australia, and brings their unique playstyle to the world stage. Having captained the SA team several times at the Oceanic Team Championship, Aleks bring a deep understanding of the game, and with a love of combined arms lists, a well-rounded force to be reckoned with. Aleks has also won several “Best Painted” awards at the national stage, so Australia is competing in all aspects of the hobby this year!

Chris Davies

Chris “Active Player” Davies is the headline act joining the team in 2022.  Chris is in search of his 3rd WTC Champion crown for Team Australia.  Chris went on a holy crusade in 2016 when he won the Lock & Load Iron Gauntlet final, the WTC in Amsterdam & Warmachine Weekend all in the same year. It was later declared that he won Warmachine for 2016. Chris is a special class of person and player on the table, we are very blessed to have him with us in the team and a part of the WTC in 2022. He is a super star in real life to hang out and travel with and as his Warmachine track record speaks for itself. Away from the tables Chris applies his trade as is a deadly croupier, and doesn’t mind a cheeky game of poker now and then when he can.

Sam Evans

Sam or “Deathclock” as his opponents call him, is another newcomer to the international stage. New but not undeserved, Sam brings a unique insight into list design and is widely known for his “particular brand of special”. This translates to a skilled player with a well designed list, that brings together some of the most powerful and obscure combos ever imagined. His first love was Rhyas 1, as he is a massive fan of the “jank”, but has a tendency to run down his own clock getting to know his opponents. Other teams beware, Sam will kill you with kindness and and you will have so much fun you won’t realise you’re losing until it’s too late.

Dimitri Sarbanis

Dimi is a character in the Australian Warmachine community. Soft-spoken and unassuming, he will systematically dismantle your army and leave you nothing more than a broken wreck. Whilst his preparedness is sometimes less than ideal, he is not above using permanent markers to paint the latest idea he has, and using it to its full brutal effect. Having been in the hobby for more than 10 years, he is well experienced, and despite relying on his gut, it usually is right and it’s a common sight to see him on the top table at an event. One of his many claims to fame is that he was present both times Australia has won the WTC, and with him being there again, is there even a point in playing?

Brian Woods

Brian is the resident Canadian of the Australian teams, some say he was brought into the world playing Warmachine, with a microphone clutched in his tiny fists. Others say he is half man, half Warmahorde, half Macbook. And one guy told me he started playing Trolls in 2012, with little to no previous tabletop experience. But who can truly say for sure. 

His tournament career is shrouded in fog and mystery, and can sometimes be found posted online. From what we can tell every tournament he has attended has been blessed with a winner, just not usually him. He is looking forward to representing Australia in Belgium and will do his best to make his adopted country proud. If not an “I’m Sorry, eh” can be provided.

Peter Bates

Peter “Tyrant Crumpet” Bates rounds the players for Australia in the 2022 WTC.  Peter brings with him his iron resolve, that he displayed as team captain in 2018, and leading Australia to its 2nd WTC crown by going 6-0 in Poland. Pete carried the rest of the team on his back and the hopes of the nation when he claimed the final game in the 2018 final and we love having him back in the team. Pete’s unshakable confident approach to Warmachine is a thing of beauty to watch. Pete is a loveable guy and an amazing travel buddy, and when he is not playing Warmachine he is saving lives in his spare time (he is a saint).  Pete is also known across the globe as a deadly top 10 Twilight Imperium player too!

And there you have it, Australia has rallied the best-of-the-best to send over to this year’s WTC. An impressive resume for an impressive group, they will surely make the rest of Australia proud with their performance on (and off) the table. Sharp eyed readers will notice that the list of players is a few short, but as this is available overseas, we are keeping a couple of our aces up our sleeves. We are confident that the other WTC teams that read this will immediately start brainstorming ideas to try and defeat them, so a few “secret weapons” is a smart option.

If you would like to help support these guys in their endeavours, we will be selling some exclusive proxy bases, with part of the profits going towards helping the teams out with some expenses. So stay tuned for more details, more interviews, and more entertainment.

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