Polymath Tabletop

The Vowel Model Approval System is used to determine if any non-official, or converted models are allowed to be used at a tournament/event.

The system comprises of two core rules, with a checking process.

1. No army made solely of 3D printed models or proxy models will be allowed to be used. This is without exception, it doesn’t matter that your army is beautifully painted and full of amazing models, if it doesn’t use any models from the original game, then it will not be allowed at the tournament/event. This is not an outright ban on 3D printed models though (See 2.).

2. All 3D Printed, Converted, or Proxy models, must be approved by the TO (Tournament Organiser). This is to ensure that all players have an equal footing in the game, your models must be instantly recognizable as the correct model they are representing. It also ensures that the armies being brought to an event are all of a high quality and do not detract from the game.These rules will be enforced at tournament/event. If you forget to get a conversion approved, make sure you ask the TO to check it before the first round. If you don’t it may be removed from the table in the first round, and you will be playing points down for the rest of the tournament.

For the approval process we will be using the vowel system – AEIOU

A – Amount – How much of the army has been converted/proxied/3d printed?

E – Execution – Is the conversion/proxy/3d print a similar of higher quality than the original model?

I – Intent – What is the reasoning behind the conversion/proxy/3d print? Is it following a theme, or is it just cheaper?

O – Obvious – How obvious is the conversion/proxy/3d print? Does the original model easily spring to mind or does it need to be explained each game/turn?

U – Usability – Is this modelled for advantage/disadvantage? Is the base size correct, is the silhouette similar?

The Vowel Approval Process will be carried out by multiple people before any approval is given.