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WTC 2022 – Final Thoughts

What a weekend! I’m struggling to put into words how to wrap up the excellent adventure that these guys have been on. Some of the teams have been planning this trip since 2019, and to end up winning the entire event is a fantastic achievement! I am very dissappointed that I wasn’t able to be […]

WTC 2022 – End of an Era: Remembering Mark 3

This article was originally meant to be a look into what the players thought may be changed in the future as Warmachine naturally evolved and new metas emerged. It was initially going to discuss what balance changes were upcoming or which factions would be getting some new models. But, Privateer Press’s announcement of an entirely […]

WTC 2022 – Meet the Players Pt2


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend one of the practice days for the Australian WTC (World Team Championship) teams. Held in Brisbane, at the local game store, Irresistible Force, 15 players and a couple of coaches practised matchups, talked through tactics, and honed their skills against the other top players. […]

WTC 2022 – Meet the Players

Australia has a long standing reputation in the global Warmachine community, as both top-tier gamers and top-tier sportsmen. Whilst widely regarded in the global scene, the Australian Warmachine community is both a friendly welcoming environment, and one of the most cut-throat, competitive, and intense scenes that I have personally experienced. This is the first in […]