Polymath Tabletop

Contest of Fools is our flagship event in Toowoomba, QLD. Featuring an Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament, as well as a stack of other events, we are aiming to make it a must-attend convention to all wargamers from around Australia.



We wouldn’t be able to hold such an event without support from our sponsors. Each of these business are sponsoring of at least one event, and are all worth checking out!
And there are plenty more sponsors coming!



The tournament will be held at The Oaks Hotel in Toowoomba, at 25 Annand St, Toowoomba City QLD.


Toowoomba has a variety of hotels, motels, and Airbnb’s to stay at. If you wish to stay at the venue, please advise them you will be attending the tournament for a discount*.

*: Exact discount to be confirmed.


For people not staying at the venue, the car park across the road at 40 Annand St is your best option. Parking is paid on Saturday morning until 11:30 but is free on Sunday.


There will be a staffed bar in the room for players (and TO’s).


You will be able to order lunch both days from the bar in the room. Alternatively, there is The Rock Pub downstairs, and a variety of eateries down the street (Walton Stores).

Accessibility Info

Sensory Information

Any wargaming event can get quite loud, hot, and personal space may be at a premium. This can be overwhelming for those with sensory issues.
We recommend that if you experience sensory issues, but would still like to come, it will be a great idea to consider bringing aides for assisting with these. Things such as Flare Calmer in-ear devices, fidgets and other devices may prove of some use, as well as taking advantage of times between rounds to assist with de-escalation and sensory breaks.
If you have sensory issues or a sensory disorder, please get in touch and we’ll help you out as much as we can with strategies for the event.


The tables at A Contest of Fools will be placed as far apart as reasonable for the event space, but they can still be quite close together and this can cause problems for those with lower mobility. We will be endeavouring to have an area with tables set further apart for these players. If you have low mobility or mobility issues, please contact us and we’ll make sure we can allocate you to this area during the event.