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The Gauntlet Series will comprise of 4 separate tournaments held throughout the second half of 2024, all held throughout Southeast Queensland. The series will begin in August, with tournaments held in August, September, October, and November. The final tournament, held in December, will be an exclusive invitational, based on the points players have earned from the rest of the tournaments. This final tournament will be limited to only 8 players, and will feature player interviews, expert analysis of the games and lists, and the entire event will be recorded and streamed. We are aiming to make this the one of the best tournament series run in Queensland and are hoping you can be a part of it.

Round 1 – 4th August – Battlestations
Round 2 – 7th September – Wargamers Hub
Round 3 – 14th October – Irresistible Force Logan
Round 4 – 10th November – T3 Games
Finals – 1st December – Battlestations

Tickets for the events will need to be purchased in advance, from the Polymath Tabletop online store. Refunds for tickets will be only be given for cancellations over 1 week prior of the individual event.

Tournament Packs
Each tournament will be a standard 2000 point Age of Sigmar event. These events will be limited to 24 players each. We will be using the Swiss pairing system to determine matchups, and scenarios will be locked in before each event. The overall winner of each tournament will be decided via Win/Draw/Loss, with differential scoring being used as the first tiebreaker. Secondary tiebreakers will be victory points, then strength of schedule if necessary. A full players pack will be created for each tournament, detailing all the required details.

Overall Points
Each player will earn Series Points at the end of every tournament. The points earned will be equal to the number of players in order of the tournament rankings. I.e., Bob places 4th at a tournament with
20 players, so he will receive 17 series points. There will be an additional bonus of 5 series points for a player that goes undefeated at a tournament. This bonus can be scored multiple times if a player goes undefeated at multiple tournaments.

Finals Tournament
The finals tournament will be held in December, and will be invitation only. The top 8 players, who have accumulated the most points throughout the year, will be eligible. If a player is unable to attend, then we will continue inviting top ranked players until we have 8 confirmed.. Players who are invited will be given more details when we send out the invitations.

Series Prizes
Each tournament will have the following awards for people to compete for;
1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Painted*, and Best Sports*.
*: These will be decided by popular vote.
These awards will have no prizes associated with them, they are bragging rights only. All models / dice / tokens / merch / vouchers etc will be given away as random prizes throughout the tournaments.
In the final’s tournament, every player who qualifies will get an exclusive prize. These will not be available ever again or anywhere else. The winner of the final’s tournament will also get their name engraved on “The Gauntlet” itself and be remembered for all time as the penultimate champion of 2024.

Super Prize
In addition to the individual prizes and awards for each tournament, there is a super prize! Every time a player attends a tournament (excluding the finals), their name will be added to the draw. After the final tournament, we will draw the super prize. The prize is;

A Custom Expanded Set of PMTT Widgets