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The Gauntlet Series 2022 comprised of 11 seperate tournament, held throughout South-East Queensland. The series began in January and ran until November, with one tournamnet every month. The first 10 tournaments were the qualifying round, where players could earn points, with the final tournament being an exclusive invitational. The final tournament was limited to 8 players, and these players were invited based on their overall standing for the entire series.

A huge thank-you to everyone who competed in the series, overall there was 52 unique players, and a total of 148 attendees throughout the entire series.

But the overall Champion of The Gauntlet Series 2022 was: Scott Wyatt

Scott wielding the Gauntlet

Congratulations to all the players who attended the finals;
Jacob, Scott, Dave, Pat (2nd), Paul, Jono, Matt (3rd), and Simon

You can view all the final points and standings at the link below, and scroll down further to see some of the photos we took at the various events.