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Entry into Shatterpoint

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Well a couple of weekends ago at a semi-local game store I played my first tournament of Star Wars Shatterpoint. I had a good time, caught up with old friends, and learnt a lot, and figured that as my first foray into the wider tournament […]

The World Championships of Warhammer

So, how do you sum up an event like the World Championships of Warhammer? I had a fantastic time there, and I definitely want to do it justice, so this is going to be a challenge. No a challenge compared to the road to get there, and the quality of my opponents there, but a […]

Too Much Polishing – Burning out at Goldcon!

For anyone who doesn’t know (and you should really know, I won’t shut up about it), I’m going to the World Championships for Age of Sigmar in November. And I want to do quite well, so the pressure is on for me to practice and train so I can compete at the highest level I […]

Is it a Meatgrinder or Woodchipper?

Last weekend (May 6th and 7th), I took my Sylvaneth to their first two-day event, the Mango Meatgrinder. Held in Brisbane, the Mango Mafia boys were running this as a charity event for The Animal Welfare League, and overall they managed to raise over $3,500 for them, so the tournament was definitely a success. I […]

Call to Glory 2023

In late January, I attended an Age of Sigmar tournament. Now that isn’t too noteworthy, but this event was Call to Glory 2023. As far as I know, it is the largest Age of Sigmar event in the southern hemisphere, with over 200 players registered! I had an absolute blast of weekend, so decided to […]

Games Workshop Championship Heat 1

Last weekend, I attended an event. The event in question was the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Heat 1, in Brisbane, QLD. I was pretty stoked with how the weekend went, so figured it deserved its own article about it. I will warn any readers that this article is significantly longer than most, so grab […]