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The World Championships of Warhammer

So, how do you sum up an event like the World Championships of Warhammer? I had a fantastic time there, and I definitely want to do it justice, so this is going to be a challenge. No a challenge compared to the road to get there, and the quality of my opponents there, but a […]

Road to the World Champs – Part 2

So, it’s been over a month since I wrote an article for this series, and my original plan was fortnightly. So we are going quite well so far. But I have done an absolute mass of painting, and dealing with a few non-hobby things that have popped up (my real life and job got in […]

Road to the World Champs – Part 1

Hello, my name is Henry, and I am lucky enough to be going to the Age of Sigmar World Championships in November. When I say lucky enough, there are two distinct parts to that.  Firstly, Australia was only given 5 golden tickets (to my knowledge), so they were always going to be hotly contested. I […]

Alternate Formats and House Rules

What do you do when your favourite game no longer scratches that itch? Has it just become a bit less competitive, too many or too few rules, maybe the internal balance of your army is just gone and now the models you love are just not competitive. Have you tried house rules? Now, I don’t […]

Partners in Crime – Sharing your hobby with your partner

I love my wife. She is amazing and without her I wouldn’t be able to achieve everything I have been working towards in the past couple of years. I want to start this article with that, a little because she is my editor and it will put her in a good mood, but mainly because […]

Growing the community – Making Friends – Pt 2

2020 caused everyone to reassess the important relationships in our lives and whether quantity trumps quality. Studies done in that year found that the ideal number of friends is 3 to 5. They found most people have an upper limit of 150, but this can be broken down into smaller and smaller circles, with the […]

3D Printing – The Hero or The Villian

Anyone who has been a part of the wargaming community for more than a few years will remember a time back before home 3D printing. When it was first introduced, some people heralded it as the game killer. Why buy models when you can just print your own for a fraction of the cost? This […]

Starting Out – The Teaching Games

Once upon a time, there was a 10 year old boy. He had just discovered a game that his friend played called Warhammer Fantasy, and it looked really cool. So he went to the shop his friend bought things from, and bought some models. When he got them home, he realised that the models he […]

That All Important First Step – Making Friends

Now, I think I would be fairly safe in assuming that anyone reading this, already has an interest in tabletop gaming. If you’re not interested in it (yet), then I would like you to get in touch and let me know how you got here (I might need to adjust my advertising). But let’s assume […]

The Golden Age of Gaming?

If you spend any amount of time in your FLGS (friendly local game store) you will eventually hear a discussion (sometimes getting quite heated) about which is the best tabletop game. Some people will argue that the most popular games are the best, as a wider range of players means it is better. Others will […]